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A huge congratulations to all our volunteers, groups and families who worked so hard to prepare for and take part in our entry for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This was our first time to take part in the parade and we were delighted to receive the prize for Best Overall Group! Thanks also go to Kay McCabe and Trim Men’s Shed for their input.  

The colourful and fantastic puppets and banners being held by the groups are based around the theme of CHOICE – CHANCE – CHANGE, which reflects the experiences and opportunities of all the users at the centre.  The caterpillar and the butterfly in particular reflect the change process that underpins the ethos and work of Trim Family Resource Centre.  

“Well done everyone - a well-deserved win of best overall group… all your hard work did not go unrecognised! This group will never cease to amaze us, you are truly beautiful butterflies and your fluttering makes this town brighter” …Delfine Courday


Definitley go for it.  It may seem daunting but will be so worthwhile.  You learn so much especially about yourself

I have learned to be less fearful of the future and actually look forward to it

I’m not too old and I have something to offer

Please go and give it a fair try.  the rewards in terms of releasing one from the habit of isolation are priceless

I am a lot happier than when I was isolated.  My family are happy that I’m doing something with myself